The Professor Amar G. Bose 
Research Grant Program

Supporting original research by daring researchers

What accounts for the impact you’ve had on diverse fields? This was the question that Dr. Bose asked his mentor, MIT mathematician Norbert Weiner. Dr. Weiner’s answer: Insatiable curiosity. That simple response became something of a credo to Dr. Bose; as an MIT professor and founder of Bose Corporation, he promoted the relentless pursuit of the impossible for his own research and for that of his students and colleagues for the rest of his life.

Named in his honor, Professor Amar G. Bose Research Grants provide funding over a three-year period to MIT faculty who explore areas that other researchers ignore. Original, risky, controversial, cross-disciplinary: The very reasons why conventional funding sources won’t fund certain research projects are precisely the reasons we will.

Support research
at MIT


Ideas wanted—the more audacious, the better

In an era of waning and increasingly risk-averse federal funding, we seek research proposals that reflect innovative thinking, an intellectually adventurous spirit, and, of course, immense curiosity. Among our key criteria are:

  • The research must be original, ambitious, and perhaps even “heretical” to the discipline—or disciplines—it encompasses
  • The research could not be funded through traditional means 
and sources
  • The research should have significant impact on the researcher in terms of pursuing a passion, satisfying a long-simmering suspicion, or providing a critical opportunity to advance the researcher’s academic career

Recipients of Bose Research Grants are honored for their originality and their existing track record. Reporting requirements are minimal, and there is virtually no pressure to achieve the specific potential outcome articulated in the researcher’s application. We want to promote the kind of research that drove Dr. Bose to become one of the world’s foremost innovators; thus, we believe in the power of letting great minds loose to confront great challenges.