In 2013, Ken Jacob, a longtime employee of Bose Corporation, started collecting and digitizing every available piece of audio and video content about Dr. Bose, calling his work Project Plato after the great Greek philosopher.

Ken had been a graduate student at MIT and studied under Dr. Bose including taking his famed acoustics class in 1983/1984. As Ken so aptly phrased it: “Dr. Bose was a master teacher who loved to share with others things he had learned — about life, work, people, and more.”

Project Plato currently contains over 400 hours of audio and video going back to 1970. The digital archive has a large number of edited short segments that can comfortably stand alone. Below are links to a selected set. Periodically these will be replaced by or augmented with others so that over a period of time there will be the opportunity to view a larger collection.

Testing Transistors
Fallacy of the Straight Line
Probation to First
Imagination and Curiosity